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The copyright to the works of art shown on this website belongs to the artist or his or her designee.  You may not copy, publish or otherwise make use of these images in violation of the applicable copyright laws.  The design and content of this website are copyrighted by us and all rights are reserved.


We do not sell your personal information.  We only disclose it to third parties as part of buying, selling or consigning a work of art.  For example, we disclose it to shipping companies, art galleries that may assist us in selling a work of art and the artist (or the artist's estate or representatives) who created the work of art

Payment Methods

In order to keep our costs low, we only accept cash (U.S. Dollars) or checks.  We do not accept credit cards.  Occasionally we will agree to use PayPal, but you are responsible for any fees we are charged by PayPal.

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