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( Untitled  by Leo Brooks)

Our Artists

As you can see from the images on our home page, we sell a wide range of paintings by artists who have painted on Monhegan Island - from the realistic Maine scenes by James Fitzgerald to abstract works by Bill Manning, and Lynne Drexler.  (A note on the images at the top of each page.  Each of these images is a detailed view of  portions of some of the paintings on the website.) 

Company History

Although this website was created in 2018 in response to the 50th anniversary of the Monhegan Art Museum of Art and History, we have been collecting Maine art for over 20 years.  As our collection outgrew our available wall space, we realized that we needed to sell some of our works in order to make room for our latest acquisitions.  Although we started by selling pieces to our friends who had admired the works on our walls, we built this website so that we could help other collectors sell their works by Monhegan artists as well.  We have an affiliated website, Maine Art Collectors, where we sell paintings and fine art prints by other prominent Maine artists.

Kevin Tierney

Kevin established this website in 2018 and its affiliated website, Maine Art Collectors, in 2007.  A former senior executive with UNUM Corporation in Portland, Maine, he brings his many years of business experience as well as his enthusiasm for art to this endeavor.

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